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Livraison offerte à partir de 50€ d’achat  –  En France uniquement
soins solaires greenbush

Made in France

GREENBUSH is an ethical brand of sun care, made in France, allowing optimal sun protection, healthy composition and respect for the environment.

GREENBUSH sun care products offer maximum and long-lasting protection to the most sensitive skin, prone to sunburn and intolerant to chemical filters. Because maintaining biodiversity is essential, GREENBUSH sun care products are composed only of mineral filters that do not degrade the coral; in fact over the past thirty years, 30% of coral reefs have been irreversibly lost. However, these are essential for the survival of the marine eco-system, since 25% of marine species live in close dependence on coral. The chemical filters, dispersed in the sea when we surf or swim, are very toxic to the algae on which the survival of corals depends. The widespread use of chemical sunscreens creates a coral bleaching phenomenon, synonymous with death. Every year 15,000 tonnes of sunscreen are poured into the oceans and chemical filters destroy corals in less than 48 hours. GREENBUSH is composed of a mineral screen, stable and effective over time, offering high tolerance and optimal protection against UVB AND UVA (short and long).

„Our mission, Create a project with a green thread and three priorities:  – Environment – Health – Protection “ 

Greenbush Team