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After spending 30 years exploring the world’s beaches, surfing the waves of every ocean and discovering some truly amazing places, I’ve been forced to watch the environmental tragedy unfolding before our eyes. What I have seen at first hand has convinced me that the deterioration of our oceans is today in no doubt.

Over the years, I’ve seen the beaches and the seas devastated by pollution but also met local people directly affected by this scourge, which is today joined by the added problems of global warming and rising sea levels.

It soon became impossible for me to derive the same pleasure from the sea when almost every beach is a visible cry for help from the ocean. 

For me, the decisive moment came during my last trip surfing Greenbush in the Mentawai Islands, when I became totally aware of this paradox, which stood out so starkly in such a beautiful setting.  

I realised that we need to act, to react, to be a force for progress and to create a project with a common “green” theme, with three priorities: the Environment, Health and Protection.

This is the background to the creation of the Greenbush brand.

We have created a sun care line without chemical filters, a natural, mineral-based product which preserves the oceans and particularly the coral; accompanied by stainless steel bottles to stop this excess consumption of plastic bottles which are piling up on the beaches and in the seas.



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